Podcasts: We Art Tacoma & the Prickly Pear

Hey everyone!

I've had a ton of events happening lately and wanted to share some links and information.

In the past couple months, I've been interviewed on two awesome podcasts in Tacoma. That's two more podcasts in Tacoma than I've been featured on in my life. 

The first was the Prickly Pear podcast, aired by Blue Cactus Press and the fantastic Christina Butcher. We recorded at a day spa, Oakes and Alder, where the air smells like lavender and mint and soap and warm rocks ready to soothe the crankiest muscles. I took a business card, wanting to schedule a massage that I still haven't booked. Even their business cards are classy, thick cottony squares.

When this podcast went live, my husband listened to it and although I'm sure he thought I was brilliant, he commented first on Christina's style, her grace and humor and edge. I have to agree. If you haven't had a chance to check out Blue Cactus Press, or to stop by King's Books to meet her, you should consider it. Our conversation went from poetry to community engagement to snacks to boss moves to... snacks, it pretty much always came back to snacks.

You can listen to me and Christina here.

Then, last week, I was invited onto We Art Tacoma, part of the Channel 253 podcast network. Erik Hanberg and "Producer Doug" were fun to talk to and let me go on about preferred cinnamon roll recipes and how I've felt about teaching poetry workshops around Pierce County. Teaching poetry is something that both fulfills me and ties me in knots, so I have plans to keep doing it ad infinitum. 

Listen to Erik's beautiful voice (and me) here.

And speaking of workshops, I wanna share some flyers! If you're in the Tacoma area and would like to write poems and chat, please consider attending one, some or all. They aren't progressive, meaning we aren't necessarily building on skills we've learned earlier on, and it's been great to welcome writers of all experience levels and backgrounds. We usually have a good mix of new and established writers.

This one's free and open to the public, and will take place at the shiny new Eastside Community Center:

And this one is free and open to those with access to JBLM, including veterans, service members, military families and friends:

Light refreshments is just code for "I bake a lot and want to share." I recommend people bring notebooks and pens.

I accepted the poet laureate "torch" (there was no torch) (just poems) (which are also torches actually) in April and am still so happy to know the city of Tacoma believes in me that much. I've gotten to host an awards ceremony for Pierce County Library's Our Own Expressions winners, share poems with Kellie Richardson, collaborate with the Tacoma Refugee Choir, and I'll be reading at the City of Destiny Awards this Friday as well as the Puget Sound Poetry Connection's featured event

Hope to see you at a workshop in July!

Yours in poems,


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