THE HOBBIT & other inspirations for impromptu poetry

The good news is, I know so many people with cool blogs! I am friends with brilliant, talented artists. They post often, crafting insightful reviews of books I should read or witty reactions to the extraordinary events that occur in their lives. They are sensitive and accomplished and more or less organized, raising clever children or traveling around the world or starting their own businesses, publishing new poems and books or writing about their jobs.

The bad news is, I'm not as awesome as they are. I rarely post anything, and when I do -- I mean, my last was all, buy my book (please)! I'm not saying I'm 100% boring or dense -- I have moments of smart -- but I think tonight I'm noticing just how many gifted acquaintances I have. You go, guys!

When I met my friend Monet Moutrie, we'd bake tarts in my kitchen in Colorado and she'd talk about the new ideas she had for her food blog, which has since become a major success. She's crafting these amazing wedding cakes in Austin, Texas, and posting entries that make me drool. Yay for keyboard covers! My friend Sarah Reebs has tackled photography (and grad school) and is nailing both of them. My oldest sister, Amy Murray, has started running half-marathons and is one of the funniest mom-bloggers out there. Mandy Solomon, a colleague of mine from Pikes Peak Community College, has taken the helm for CSWRS (Colorado Springs Writers Reading Series) and is organizing community-based events while balancing a vigorously dedicated position at the college. Katey Schultz is rockin' around the U.S. spreading her kickass writing and teaching like a boss. And, as usual (because I've never known him not to be a keen intellectual and driven poet), Robert Peake maintains his website of book reviews and personal essays that makes me wish I could be so acutely aware of my surroundings and the beauty so many people are able to create on a daily basis.

Basically, I'm in awe, and I'm grateful this year to know you, not only because of your web presences (duh) but because you keep me informed and challenged and energized. I'm thankful this year for everyone who shares with me in conversation and letters.

Today, during my office hours, I stopped working on a paper and started writing a poem that I doubt I'll want to submit anywhere but were still fun to write. (Because the best way to feel more organized is to start dawdling in the basement of the library.) My friend Augusto sat across from me and we chatted about the upcoming release of the Hobbit and some recent scandals related to the movie that might concern other animal activists out there. I wish the graphics had stuck in the document - the sections aren't supposed to be numbered but divided by tiny pictures of the animals they're dealing with. Darn. Ah well.

Also, it occurs to me that I've no clue why these legitimately worrisome accusations prompted poems that might be funny. I'm seriously considering not going to see the movie.



And the chickens are all, we didn’t sign up for this,
wild dogs every night and someone's forgetting to pack us up

in our coops with the snacks we were promised, we thought
this was our big break and Andy, the one taken away first,

was all, on the plane ride over here, I’m going to make it guys,
I’ve got chicks to think about back in Chipewa,

that was Andy, two dogs chomped him up so fast he probably 
still doesn’t know he's being digested, wondering why the hell

it’s so quiet where he is, and it’s true we were promised
an unrealistic amount of treats if we could show up and act natural,

they said act natural and fluff your feathers in the road,
that’s what they said, but there was no contract, the first red flag

Actually no one liked Rainbow
or thought she took her job
as serious as she should have,
never learning her directions or
practicing tossing her head
over the water bucket like the rest of us,
a total waste – she was Yellow Horse #5,
her big eyes peeking up in practically
every scene with her ears improvising
flirty twitches every time somebody 
speaks. She fell off the edge
of the bluff last night before lights out
and they found her this morning
with her head in the stream
her muzzle and cheekbones grey as rocks
and I guess the handlers understood
she was a dramatic horse 
who had it in her to act impulsively 
because they never even asked us 
if we saw anything or how we felt


Tonight on Live Action Five
our own Sandy Applewaite
is in Wellington, New Zealand
where PETA is protesting
the production of Peter Jackson’s
The Hobbit, recently cited
with animal cruelty accusations
including the deaths of 27 animals
on a local farm where the creatures
were housed between takes, 
allegedly with scant supervision
or medical care, near dangerous
cliffs overlooking open waterways.
This all comes to us via tip hotline
through which a caller only identified 
on record as Mr Pepper states,
“These animals were promised
a chance in the sun, an opportunity 
for their families, and they’ve been 
robbed, publicly.” Cut to Sandy Applewaite
in rain slicker on a damp hillside, 
holding microphone and nodding,
finger in her ear, it's serious      



Anonymous said…
Oh holy crap, I love these poems, yet I HATE all movies centering around The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings...very entertaining!! Glad you are posting again, I've missed you. Need to add your blog to my list of favorites!

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