Tom and I have done a lot of traveling in the last month. We flew to Indiana to visit my mom and her husband in Indianapolis (a city that's sort of surprisingly fun), Pennsylvania - Dutch country - to visit Tom's extended family, and in the past two weeks we've hosted my sister and niece from Washington then my in-laws from Alaska. The in-laws leave tomorrow, and we'll finally have a house that might be kind of almost quiet.

(a peony in downtown Indianapolis)

Today, we divided most of our time between the car, driving to Great Sand Dunes National Park, and walking outside, playing in the Arkansas River on the way home, throwing Flynn's ball, and strolling through Salida. It's 9:39pm now, and I've been ready to crawl into bed for the past three hours-- at least.

(Tom, me, and our bully of a dog, Flynn, at Great Sand Dunes NP)

However, I noticed that my blog has been neglected as of late. So, here's a poem I wrote today. Hope you read it, enjoy it, and tell me you enjoyed it. In the morning.


You said hey

I wonder if ants

dream about

Jacob’s Ladder

not the one

from the bible

but the flower

they’re so beautiful

the flowers

not ants

and I said

get a load of this

pickup going 90

with a Jetta chained

to the hitch

and is that a go-kart

on the Jetta’s roof

That sounds like

the start of

a really bad joke

you said

Ants probably dream

about the bible

as much as we do

I said

A pickup,

a Jetta

and a go-kart

walk into a bar

you said



dot said…
Haha, this is wonderful! Teach me how to write a perfect poem in a day, o wise one. Hope you enjoy your quiet house!
Ha! Loved this poem. I can picture this as a conversation you and Tom might be having as your are barreling down the freeway on yet another trip to Denver to retrieve family from the airport...somehow it makes me think of summer time with the windows rolled down. Love it! We miss you guys!
Abby E. Murray said…
ha! dot! you're funny. we miss you too, amy!
Abby -- I will tell you that I love it! And I do. It has the feel of your snappy conversational style, which I always loved. It at once made me feel proud to be in your company and dull as a rubber ball.

Years ago, my husband and I spent a month in Illinois where I cared for my sister and her two sons while and after she had a knee replacement surgery. I did all of the soccer mom stuff. My husband greeted the boys (then 8 and 11) when they came home from school with this:

A skeleton walks into a bar and says, "I'll have a Coke and a mop."

Every day it was some different beverage and a mop. Every day all three of them laughed like it was the funniest thing ever.

I miss those days.

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