a couple updates...

Hey! So, I'm going to post my monthly poem for February... eventually. For right now, I just want to broadcast some updates.

First, I have a personal narrative being published (I know! I wrote prose! Weird!) tomorrow on the Cheek Teeth blog, the online extension of the literary journal Trachodon. It was fun to write, but I have to admit, it's a little more soul-bearing than I'm used to. I now understand how daunting creative nonfiction can be, if I wasn't intimidated by it before. Honesty is something I've become accustomed to making a reader search for in terms of poetry. It's part of the fun. But to just... lay it all out on the line like that? Just write what you think? Flat out? Yikes. Creative nonfictioners, you have my admiration. Well, you do if you read my narrative. Do it!

Second, my monthly reading series is having it's February event this Friday, the 18th, at Black Cat Books in Manitou, for all those who live in the area. This month's guest author is Juan Morales, poet and Director of the Creative Writing Program at CSU-Pueblo. Check out the Colorado Springs Writers Reading Series blog and come say hello after the reading.

Third (and this isn't writing-related but still a significant event), Tom will be returning from his year-long deployment in just a couple weeks! Yay!

Have a great February, everyone. Thank you for listening!



Yay!! Tom's coming home soon! Congrats on the publication!
Monet said…
I'm exited to read the final version...congratulations on completing such a difficult assignment. It was a pleasure to read, my dear, and creative nonfiction is hard! It was also a joy to talk to you tonight...much love!

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