I've taken to reading Raymond Carver's poems before I go to bed. It's wonderful.

Of course, I have to read twenty minutes' worth of comic books afterward so I don't have nightmares of being swallowed alive by a sea of sadness and depression and beer burps, but whatever. I have plenty of Calvin & Hobbes lying around.

(poem temporarily hidden!)



Amber said…
favorite line: "he's the normalest crow to ever normal"

favorite image(s): the box of fish flakes and the crow's eyes

love it.

incidentally, my word verification word for this comment is "experto" and that's exactly how I feel about your poetry
i love the idea of a cranky crow sitting in a pet shop behind a cranky owner. i also like the thought of people buying high-end bird seed.
Monet said…
Your poetry is something I can bite into. I felt present in your poem, as if I was standing in the corner, watching this interaction occur. The line "Cardboard eyes marbled red black or blue" has the most lovely cadence. I want to just sit here and say it again and again. I wish we could sit together and read each others work while sipping tea. But I'm glad that we can share through the world wide web.

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