Greetings from Forest Grove, Oregon!

While I'm missing my pets and the awesome weather we're apparently having in Colorado Springs right now, I just can't put a value on my experiences with the writing faculty at Pacific University's MFA Program. I've been working as the emcee for the nightly readings held in Taylor-Meade, a lovely concert hall on Pacific's campus. I'm currently staying in one of the swankiest dorm rooms I've ever seen, and I actually need to get going soon to tonight's reading!

Fortunately, I've been able to work on my poems while I've been here, when I'm not reading the fiction of my students being submitted online. I'll post some of those later! For now, here are some pictures of the fine guests here...

Bonnie Jo Campbell, author of American Salvage, finalist for
the National Book Award in 2009.

Jack Driscoll, author of the novels Lucky Man, Lucky Woman,
How Like An Angel, and Stardog. One of the nicest guys on the planet too.

Pam Houston, author of Cowboys Are My Weakness,
Waltzing the Cat, and tons of short stories.

Peter Sears, author of collections of poetry titled The Brink,
Tour: New and Selected Poems, and most recently Green Diver.
One of the best mentors, ever.

Marvin Bell, creator of the Dead Man poem
and author of Nightworks, Mars Being Red,
and over twenty other books of poetry.
Tied with Peter Sears as best mentor ever.

View from Elk Cove Winery, where the MFA Program
conducts one reading each summer. Lucky them!

View of the front of the crowd at the winery reading.
They've really had to work to fit everyone in here!

Judy Blunt, nonfiction author of Breaking Clean
and shorter pieces which have appeared
in Oprah magazine and The New York Times.
More pictures to come as the residency winds down... tonight's readers at Taylor-Meade are poets Ellen Bass and Joe Millar, plus fiction writer Kellie Wells!


dot said…
Hoorah, your introductions are so excellent. :)
Monet said…
I wish I could have heard what I'm sure were splendid introductions

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