Wow, what a great response to my last post! It was so exciting to see the comments here, in my email inbox, and on my facebook page, that I kept saying out loud to my cats, "For serious!" ...I mean, I kept resetting my classical records, sipping my tea, and exclaiming, "Very good!"

I just had a great evening to end a rather stressful weekend; I went to Monet and Ryan's house, where we held our second meeting of Dessert Club. All was well. All was brownies with kalhua & browned butter frosting, that is. After a couple hours of discussing the various cities we've lived in, the books we're reading, (all sorts of smart things) I headed home, where I pulled into the garage and immediately took Flynn out for a late-night run. We didn't make it more than a mile before the street lights started fading and I knew by memory that the sidewalks were not smooth enough for me to navigate in the dark, and we turned back. Colorado Springs had just received a brief gust of fizzy rain, and the air was clear. It felt wonderful.

Here's what I came up with for Napowrimo Day Twelve, and just in time too! It's 11:41 PM here, and I need to get to bed, ready for tomorrow's lecture on research essays. Very good!


I wish I was about fifty years

older than I am now because

I’m pretty sure that version

of me could write something

simple like “we are creatures

of craving and fatigue”

and someone holding my paper

might say, “ah! It’s true!”

but, as it is, I am twenty-seven

years old and the only way

someone holding a piece

of paper I’ve written on

will see any sort of truth is if

I tell them “sometimes eating

your oatmeal is better than

complaining about it”

so they can wonder about it

for a minute, probably making

the connection that rolled oats

are good for one’s digestion,

thereby decreasing hunger,

thereby eliminating a simple desire,

but realizing all the same

that what I consider brilliant now

will not be so until I have a purse

full of hard candies to prove it.



Wonderful poem. I admire the clarity of the flow. Thanks for sharing. Visit me on Musings if you have time.

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