Just wanted to brag in my cousin Emily's stead. She recently found out that one of her poems is being published in Cricket, a magazine you can read about here. (Hope the links work. I've tried a couple from my previous posts and they go nowhere. Figures.)

Anyway, Emily has shown an interest in writing for some time, and I have a feeling it'll play a part in her career after high school. I remember going to the bookstore with my older sister Amy, a kind of Friday night ritual -- hot tea, bookstore, ice cream -- and Emily came along when she could. She's always been good for swapping recommendations for YA genre novels. Emily's fourteen, in the ninth grade, and gets to live in the Pacific Northwest where she finds plenty of inspiration. I wanted to post the picture I have of Emily and I, from a birthday party in Vancouver a couple years ago, but I can't find it. Dang.

I wanted to post Emily's poem here, and I got her permission, but then I realized I shouldn't for copyright purposes. Maybe y'all should get a copy of Cricket and check out the writing of more young students. The poem, by the way, is clear, precise, and it harnesses some well-developed imagery. I definitely wasn't writing with such structural grace when I was fourteen. Of course, I was very busy writing angsty lyrics for my guitar-wielding boyfriends, which I keep telling myself built character.

In other news, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, which is the premier event for my newest project, the Colorado Springs Writers Reading Series. Deidre Farrington Schoolcraft, another faculty member at the college, will be reading some poems and a bit of fiction as well. We'll kick things off with an Open Mic session too and hopefully start a connection between student writers and the rest of the city. Looking forward to it, and I'm sure I'll write about it when it's over!

By the way, how's Napowrimo going for my poet friends? I'm keeping up but the past two days I've written crap. I'm off to read some Kay Ryan in hopes of getting a higher quality inspiration. Speaking of Ryan, I read a nice little quote of hers today regarding the comfort one can find in short poems. Here's the link. It's the last paragraph on the page.

Happy writing!



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