Woo hoo! I am finally shipping off my first book-length manuscript, and it's going to (hopefully) land in the laps of those wonderful editors at the Cider Press Review.

This year, CPR's Book Award is being judged by David St. John, a poet whose work, to me, inspires patience and ferocity, simultaneously. (Yeah, I said it.) Anyway, this is the first time I'll be submitting this kind of manuscript (unless you count my borderline-comical attempt at a chapbook back in 2003) (which I don't count) (because it was terrible) (no, you can't read it). I like to think that David's instruction thus far through Pacific University is what's making me confident enough to submit. For some reason, the idea of having him at the helm of a contest isn't as nerve-wracking as any other poet. I just can't picture him shredding manuscripts and cackling over the flames that consume my About the Author page. He's so damn nice.

I don't have a whole lot to report, other than the growth of my short collection of poems mocking poetry. I've got a working title (thanks, Sarah) but I'm still adding to its content.

I'm considering reducing it from 50 poems to 30... or so. I'm at 21 right now, and although it's still coming easily, I don't want to get to, you know, 43, and just start eeking them out for no reason other than bulk. I spent my office hours today writing poems that make fun of the I'm-A-Woman-Let-Me-Prove-It-Then-You-Can-Fear-Me poems, the I'm-A-Man-Let-Me-Prove-It-Then-You-Can-Respect-Me poems, the Poets-Are-Fascinated-By-Birds poems, and the Look-How-I-Can-Write-About-The-Seasons poems. So far so good.

Thanks to every one for reading! Oh, hey, and thanks to Charish for tell me how to put photos and links up on this thing. I'm making slow advances toward becoming almost-tech-savvy. Slow, I say!



nolglaz said…
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nolglaz said…
great news ! I find it great. You should always try to live up to your dreams. And if it doesn't work this time, it doesn't mean it won't next time!
Tom said…
I for one am happy with the new photos on the blog.
I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for you! I'll be looking for your good news here on your blog. Best of luck!
Hi Abby,

Good luck! You have worked hard, efforts compounded by talent is going to work for you, if not now, soon enough!

I take it you graduated from Pacific University; how and where is life these days?

I am in Seattle doing odds and ends, tutoring math and writing, and currently in an online philosophy Master of the Arts program from the University of Illinois at Springfield. I am in touch with George Wallace occassionally.

I will be giving a reading at the Hugo House in Seattle this spring. Hopefully, my new book from Kaya will be out by then also.

I am presently engaged and living with my fiancee. Things are better for me.

Again, good luck to your manuscript and best wishes,

Yay!! Great to see the manuscript looking so professional and ready for mailing.

I loved the cover image and the intro for the _50 poems_ book that you sent a few days ago. I read it the day it came in but was sludging through research paper drafts and didn't get back to it. I'll send some comments over the break. I'll do it theough colstate mail.

Looking forward to meeting up on TH! Can't wait to see what you're working on.

Hope the break has been both restful and productive.


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