Another new poem for this month's writing assignment. Probably the first time I've written more than four poems in one month! ...I started ruminating on narcissism, when it peaks and when it collapses. I was also looking out my living room window, watching the goings-on.


it is just one minute after my fingernails
glow with the royalty of stars
and my hair grows thick with
the floating moons of Venus
when it arrives—a small fist

knocking the front door

it is just seconds after I picture my heart
a silk ribbon running through Calcutta
and my mind is melted down to ink
to stain the thumb of Shakespeare
when I put down my pen

and answer the door

let the hot air burst from my house
like a bleeding lion

it is the young girl I have seen sleeping
at the base of a stop sign
she’s holding a plastic
grocery bag open to me
inside are three limes, six bottles of beer

and a package of butter

she glances over her shoulder
like there might be a spider on her back
she begs me to buy everything
for just one dollar



hey, i like this one! you are so talented!
serena said…
Abby-I like this one. I was thinking that you were going to write the usual way but you surprised here. It's good.
karenh said…
yes, I like it!

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