Amy asks a good question. Where do writers come up with this kind of crap? Well, that's an excellent question. I believe my brain is responsible for producing most of it, although I do have an unruly left lung. :) Seriously, I'm wondering tonight where authors get their weirdest ideas. Do you just let it come to you in time? Or do you search for it until you're exhausted?
Both methods can work. But tonight I'm just letting my brain wander, so I guess this odd little scene about confession is coming to me more like water through a leaky roof. It's just there. And I happen to have a bucket to catch it.

p.s. Ignore the elipses. This blog format doesn't allow indentation.


do you see the devil now?
.....yes father he’s set up on the altar
what is he doing?
.....he’s reading something father I’d say it’s a hymnal but no he’s holding it up for me it’s a picture book
where did he get a picture book?

.....he says he stole it from the cry room father
and how does he like it?

.....he says he’s had cabbage soup that’s gone down better father he says he once read a book about how to set a stone on fire sir and he liked it very much
when did he read that?
.....when he was small father
can he set a stone on fire now?
.....father not unless you pay him
what does he want?

.....he says he needs a virgin’s thigh bone father
why on earth does he need that?

.....he says he needs something to pick his teeth father
do you know what a virgin is boy?
.....the queen of england father
who told you that? mother did father she’s waiting outside and wants to know if you can bless me sir

do you think I ought to bless you?
.....I think you ought father
why is that?
.....because father the devil shakes his head no


of course, then there are the times that life just THROWS crazy shit at you and practically demands that you write about it. maybe like phil's party. hmmmm. too bad he and sherri read the blog.
Nick (CFKS) said…
"...a virgin’s thigh bone..."

Stirring. :)

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