I've decided to start blogging, mostly because Amy and Tara are so much more sophisticated and tech-savvy than I am that I'm starting to feel behind the times. I also enjoy run-on sentences.
Thank you for reading if you're anyone else, family or friends! Please leave comments! I usually post poems on my myspace page, but lately I've begun to wonder if this isn't a better network for getting your feedback. (Yes, I said yours. I want to know what you think!)
I'm hoping my blog will be mostly poems. But then again, I need a place to vent as well. To talk about what I heard on NPR (to make me look smart), what I think about shopping and sizes (to make me fit in with the Jennsylvania crowd), and what kind of day I had at work (to make me appear normal). Can I give you a little bit of my background? Yes? Great!
Let's start off by saying that my poems are almost always fictitious, and, regarding my first post, my parents are neither stones nor fallen leaves. I'm human. My name is Abby, and I studied English at Seattle University from 2001-2005. I enjoy teaching violin and writing lessons (yes, separately.) Poetry's my forte, I suppose, but, as a writer, I'm supposed to doubt your judgment just as often as I doubt my own.
My best friends are scattered across the country right now. (Or, perhaps it's me that's scattered.) I spend free minutes cruising craigslist, looking for apartments and homes for rent in areas I wish I lived in, mostly not in the south, mostly closer to Portland. My family is enormous and, like everyone says, I love them. (They're my family.) Now I'll just spout off facts!
I'm a vegetarian that likes to go vegan when she can. I'm married to a man who makes no sense, he's in the military, he reads American history books on purpose, and I can't wait to see him dance (oh yes. He dances.) at our daughter's homecoming ceremony (I know he'll be a chaperone). I listen to opera, much to Amy's chagrin, though I don't understand a lot of it. I also listen to Christmas music every year from September 1st until...well, maybe February. I used to be a substitute teacher when I lived in Alaska. I loved it. I worked most often in high school and middle school English classrooms as well as the intensive needs schools. I speak broken German and I've played the violin for fifteen years (anyone need lessons?). I hope I keep up with this blog. I work today at a veterinary clinic in East Atlanta as a technician (though I have yet to get my degree as veterinary tech) and spend my evenings studying for my MFA in Writing. I'm a low-residency student at Pacific University and I'll graduate in June 2009. I'm excited. (Really.)
And I'm about to eat some chocolate. (Anyone want to join me?)


Hoopah! You finally have a blog! I think it's way more fun to post on a blog here as opposed to MySpace, since so many more people can see it. (Although this means you have to watch what you say. Am wishing I hadn't sent an invite to EVERYONE I know to view my blog, because this seriously limits who I can badmouth.)
Tara said…
You have a blog! I feel the same way Amy does--I always have to watch what I say (my Mom reads my blog). I will try to comment on whatever you post!
CWrites said…

I am SOOOO excited you started this blog! Best believe I will be checking this often and checking you if you don't keep up with it!! LOL! I'm serious about that though. Love the first poem, as I do with just about all the poems you've shared with me. I also love your profile picture. Welcome to the blogspot!

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