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Two Years in the Life: My Time as Tacoma's Poet Laureate

At the end of this National Poetry Month, I thought I'd share a glimpse at the past two years I spent as Tacoma's poet laureate. I've been asked often about what a poet laureate is and does, and while each person spearheads different projects for different lengths of time with different amounts of financial support and different goals, my experience is one I'm happy to reflect on and share. This has been one of the most meaningful honors of my career so far--to serve Tacoma through poetry and presence. As a military spouse, it's meant more than most people know. But I'll get to that soon. * I found out I'd been selected as Tacoma's 2019-2021 poet laureate in March 2019, shortly after two events (a brain injury/broken arm and my first book winning the Perugia Press Poetry Prize ) had shaken me up proper. I was in the middle of teaching a second annual series of weekly poetry workshops at the Selma Carson Home in Fife, where undocumented youth are detained

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